As far as your contract was awarded to 14 hours on working days and includes products in stock (that is, more or less products that are not made from fresh chocolate, for example. bears, mugs, hot chocolate ...) order you will receive the next working day. Because we want to ensure that the chocolate is always fresh and the most delicious, but unfortunately many of our chocolate products we have in stock. So your orders usually be delivered within 2-5 working days.

If you choose to subscribe to the Cash in Advance procedure is such that the rent contract for processing only after we receive the payment. Because sometimes, unfortunately, the Bank also uses some (working) day that the payment is visible on our account, you are advised to us on their payment divulge bank certificate of payment to our e-mail info@mojacokolada.sithat your order was definitely the fastest in processing.

parcel delivery within 2-5 working days.

Nevertheless, we try to allow everyone as quickly as possible and of course very safe delivery. Each product is carefully your veeeeliko equipped with air bubbles and then over to City Express or the Post of Slovenia, which then delivers packet exactly at your home!

* Tip: Sometimes it happens that due to the negligence of postal services chocolate arrives broken. It is therefore advised that when choosing a delivery then be used for City Express - in our experience there are slightly more careful :)


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