Chocolate team


Project Manager

passionate lover of milk and dark chocolate with a variety of accessories. It deals with the search for new chocolate products and seeking new opportunities. Regularly review all existing processes, improving the user experience and is responsible for key customers. Three words: girl for all.


department for orders

largest čokoholik far and wide. First in line when it is necessary to try a new chocolate or sample the November grit. The main journalist and editor of the portal č and Head of customer relationships. Ensuring that all matters run smoothly, that the packages are always delivered on time and to have satisfied and happy customers. :) 070 222 555



flexible, friendly, always accurate and communicative. Always smiling photographer Sara makes all the chocolate more chocolate. Because of her photos but every time we stay for a few days without a word. And every photo is even more beautiful than the previous one!



Programmer Iztok care to complete an online store standing on your feet and all the technical stuff špilajo as they should. Night Bird, who works in the evening and not go to sleep until the job is done tip-top. Honest and easy from Ljubljana, who never breaks the word, and always keeps agreed.


graphic designer

creative designer Primoz caring for a fantastic corporate image and great looks. By far the biggest perfectionist always strives to better and more beautiful. Even the most "Safra" day with fun observations contribute to a better team atmosphere :)



our keeper and our mascot Coks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week taking care of safety and fun. With his mischievous statements are concerned that you (and us) really never get bored. The most popular Čoksijev sentence: "There is nothing better in the world than a good friend. The exception is a good friend with chocolate. "


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