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Online Store MojaČokolada.si combines wide variety of chocolate products. online shop we want to say to those čokoholikom allow a wide selection of chocolates and other chocolate items. We want to offer our customers only the best, we work with a variety of Slovenian and foreign partners: Chocolate Studio Dobnik, 1001 gift, Eraclea, chocolatier Rustic , Wardrobe, La Chocolate, Makabo, Planet Organic, bird of Paradise, ROKMAR, Stenders, Passion, and others. Currently our offer already includes over 1,000 different products in the future, we will strive for you on our product range continues to increase and maintain the high quality of the whole product range.

With a unique product My Chocolate with the possibility of the composition of the chocolate completely by its tastes and your preferences, we want to offer an attractive and original gift. Chocolate gift that you can completely customize your loved ones and give people truly special. Gift that blessed person will never be forgotten.

Have you already created chocolate or candy to your liking? Create it nowand give it away as a gift!

If you are in a dilemma to choose which chocolate you see the chocolate blog, where we estimate all of the chocolate world. More on: blog.mojacokolada.si

Mission: On the one place to consolidate all the chocolate world and sladkosnedom offer a wide selection of a variety of chocolate products.

style="text-decoration: underline;"> Vision: In 2018, we became the leading chocolate online shop in Europe. With a wide selection of a variety of chocolate products will combine global brands and local chocolate.

We bring the message that chocolate is not only unhealthy habit, but has tremendous positive effects on our body. Due to the serotnina also improves our well-being, and so live more happily. We strive to be closer to high-quality chocolate and chocolate products with excellent taste you, and to show that life is better with chocolate.

Nine out of ten people loves chocolate. Tenth always better. - Robert Paul

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Vodnikova 187 (Market Koseze)
1000 Ljubljana

Company Information:
My Chocolate Ltd.
Kunaver 9
1000 Ljubljana

Registration no.: 6508782000
VAT ID number:SI56073178

Mobile: 070222555
E-mail: info@mojacokolada.si


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